Far-Right Reactionism Growing More Violent




It should be clear to anyone with any kind of access to any news outlet of any kind that acts of blatant terrorism has become a favorite calling of various reactionaries of slightly different stripes. Not a week ago a man tried to ignite some kind of libertarian-esque “revolution” by taking a gun to a Las Vegas Wal-Mart and killing four people. Not long before that, Elliot Rodgers, a raving misogynist, shot and killed six people, some of them from the safety of his daddy’s BMW, because he believed that, as a man, he “deserved” sex from women who were not willing to give it to him. If they wouldn’t give him what he believed he “rightfully deserved”, he thought killing them would be an act of “justice”. Just a day after Rodger’s rampage, a man on the other side of the country fired shots at three women for leaving his home without giving him sex. Luckily, no one was killed.

Then there is the notorious Ku Klux Klan, whose numbers have risen since President Obama’s first election in 2008. They, like the Las Vegas shooter and dozens of other right-wing militias, seem to be gearing up for some kind of “revolution” based on the Confederate uprising of the 19th century(which is pretty much identical to the violent dreams of the libertarians, except the KKK are open about their slavery-loving racist views). They are even recruiting returning US soldiers for some kind of “military training”.

The US, however, is most certainly not the only place experiencing a rise in fascistic, elitist violence and terror. In February of this year, Ukraine underwent a right-wing “revolution” of their own. With the support of the US government and the European Union, blatantly fascist, pro-Nazi groups like Svoboda overthrew the previous Ukrainian government and took power. The US media glorified these Nazis and claimed that this was a “democratic revolution” which would bring “freedom” to the people of Ukraine. They neglect mentioning the fiery anti-Semitism and racist views of the Ukrainian “freedom fighters”.

There is a reason these groups are called “reactionaries”. They do not come of their own accord, but are expressions of bourgeois reaction against the swelling tide of true liberation. When the working class and oppressed peoples start to push too hard for bourgeois liking, the most despicable forms of reaction show themselves with the most terroristic violence. Racism is often the most visible characteristic of this reaction, in that it, as a tool of the oppressing class, factionalizes the people, plagues them with the inability to organize in solidarity against the exploiters and creators of strife. A cornerstone of fascism is the use of the scapegoat: “It’s not the system, it’s the Jews!” “It’s not alienation, it’s women!”. And so thus is the chorus of the reactionaries. Simple, yet effective.  And eternally dangerous to the well-being of the masses.

In the face of reaction-on-the-prowl, the revolutionary, progressive tide(against which the bourgeoisie is reacting) should not back down, but grow more determined, more militant. The sound of the reactionary’s gun should be a call to arms for us. History has proven that nothing destroys the viper of fascism more thoroughly than a revolutionary socialist with a gun of their own. Follow the road of the revolutionaries of the past; fight tooth and nail against these most reactionary elements of the bourgeois dictatorship. Let’s have the racists, xenophobes, fascists and Nazis shaking in their white sheets.



WW2 Soviet Anti-fascist propaganda







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