“FUCK THE POLICE!! Except when…”

One would have to be a hermit to not see the increasing tensions between the bourgeois state and the people. Pretty much everyone is angry about being repressed in one way or another. And, for the most part, rightfully so. The state is not a simplistic entity, and its history and formation is not as simple as “people need laws to live in a society”. The state is a product of a society based on class. It formed when humanity began its gradual growth and was split into economic classes – the owning or exploiting class against the toiling or exploited class. The reasons for the state’s formation was to keep the current economic mode in tact, to protect the rule of the owning class. Today, things are no different.

In this capitalist society it is the bourgeoisie which owns and controls the state. This small class of exploiters uses the state as its defensive arm against uprisings of the proletariat and oppressed groups. In other words, when it comes down to it, the state – including the police force and military most especially – does not represent the vast majority of the people, but the class interests of an economic elite. Its primary duty is the protection of capital, of capitalist property, of the system of wage-slavery.

Therefore, most people have felt this alienation from the powers that control society. The cops are the guardians of a life being withheld. The people – all kinds of people – are angry. But without class consciousness or the recognition of the state as an entity for class warfare, this anger can be misdirected. That is something I wish to talk about, because it is a serious issue that seems to be everywhere I turn. Anger at oppression, mixed with ignorance to the state as a class-biased mechanism is a recipe for opportunism, division, delusion, and even individualistic terrorism.

But the primary issue is revolution. The dismantling of this oppression and corruption from the ground up. Revolution has become something of a “trendy” phrase, though not many know what it requires and entails.

Everyone from Marxist-Leninists to anarchists to libertarians to “apolitical” individuals want to see a drastic change. Want to dismantle the current structure of oppression. Some(libertarians) want to replace it with another form of class oppression. Some have no idea what to do post-revolution, but are driven only by idealism and personal experience of oppression. And some want to study the conditions, formulate tactics and strategies, and analyze the current situation(these being Marxist-Leninists). Now, I am not writing this to pick on any of the above mentioned ideologies, but to analyze certain aspects of the vast “anti-establishment” movement.

I will sum up the above points with this: no matter how angry one is towards the oppressive bourgeois state, acting out on that anger while ignorant to the state being bourgeois, will only lead to confusion and nihilism. You can say “fuck the police” all day, but until you realize that the police and the state it works for is concerned only with the exploiting class’s interests, you will fall into the rut of angsty non-action. You and your proposed “solutions” will be nothing more than reformist whining.

The reason for my writing this comes with the recent uprisings of fast food workers all across the country. These workers are standing up for themselves and their families. They are being arrested by the hundreds, beaten, fired, and tear-gassed. They are getting in the faces of the bourgeoisie and its police force, demanding that which they deserve.

What’s funny is, most of the supposedly “anti-cop” people I know are not bashing the police for beating down their fellow human beings, they are bashing the workers. They follow in the steps of the master class in dehumanizing these people. They are effectively acting as cheerleaders for the police force they claim to hate. This is due to their ignorance to the current situation. Ignorant to that fact that the police are carrying out their functions just as they are hired to do by the oppressors. Ignorant to this all being about the working people standing up and the bourgeoisie beating them back down(or trying to). These oh-so-rebellious “anti-cop when I want to be” apoliticals are showing their true colors. Following “Cop Block” on facebook does not mean you oppose oppression, because you do not understand the class nature of this oppression. In fact, taking a stance against the workers and in favor of the status quo proves that you are perfectly fine with oppression, you just don’t want to get a speeding ticket or some shit.

When over 100 workers were arrested by the cops are McDonald’s HQ, where were the libertarians, the apoliticals, the hip “anti-everything” crowd? They were sitting on their computers talking about how cops suck but the people matter even less. They were whining about stop signs and “chemtrails”, while simultaneously ridiculing those who were actually, y’know, DOING SOMETHING.

These people I am referring to(the “anti-cop” labor-haters) have a rebellious attitude, but join the choir of reactionaries whenever the oppressed actually take a stand. They’ll complain about the police on Twitter, but when folks who are actually being oppressed rise up to say “No more dictatorship of capital!”, the tweets turn into attacks on the people who are doing what these idle idiots claim they want to do.

Let me ask, who is more “lazy”: the broseph whining on social media about his own uninformed opinion, or those who have grown sick of living as plebeians and actually get out there to fight for their rights? If you said the latter, you would be correct. It’s truly ironic that the fast food workers, who take to the streets to organize a movement, are considered “dumb” or “lazy” by those who do nothing to stop the corruption all around us, who sit at their computers complaining about those who are trying to make a difference.

What we need is more people like the workers currently on strike, not more mouthpieces for bourgeois rule. You can veil your reactionism in shallow phrases all you like, but it is clear that, when it comes actually doing something to fight oppression, you would rather take the side of the oppressor. This is proven through your telling workers what they should and should not fight for. This is proven in your immediate changing of stance whenever a progressive movement begins to disrupt the power of capital. This is proven by you attacking those already being attacked daily.

Opposing the bourgeois state is not a fashion statement. It is not a social trend. It is an undying support for the oppressed rising against the oppressor. It is solidarity with those fighting against economic exploitation. Stop playing pretend politics and maybe the rest of the world will take you seriously.


“It is difficult for me to imagine what “personal liberty” is enjoyed by an unemployed hungry person. True freedom can only be where there is no exploitation and oppression of one person by another; where there is not unemployment, and where a person is not living in fear of losing his job, his home and his bread. Only in such a society personal and any other freedom can exist for real and not on paper.” -Joseph Stalin

“All official and liberal science defends wage-slavery, whereas Marxism has declared relentless war on that slavery.”  -V.I. Lenin

“Private property must, therefore, be abolished and in its place must come the common utilization of all instruments of production and the distribution of all products according to common agreement – in a word, what is called the communal ownership of goods.” -Friedrich Engles

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” -Desmond Tutu



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