That Horse You’re Beating…It’s Not Dead

The later 1980’s/early 1990’s: a time of great change. What was promised to be a move towards “freedom and democracy” became nothing short of a tragedy. The Berlin Wall fell. Both Reagan and Gorbachev were praised as the key-holders to the gates of some abstract freedom that was now supposed to sweep the former Soviet Bloc. Instead, today, every former Soviet state is in ruins – suffering from figurative case of “walking-pneumonia”. Russia, specifically, is the most well-documented case of this rapid degradation. Rampant homelessness, an AIDS epidemic, healthcare unreachable by a large part of the population, fascists and Nazi-esque nationalists killing almost without consequence, state-encouraged homophobia. All of these things were almost completely unknown in the Soviet era, and yet, this is what was called, and still is called, “freedom”.

But even with these travesties, the fall of the Soviet Union is still glorified as a “victory for democracy”(Putin and his oligarchs can hardly be called democratic, and, ironically, even anti-communists don’t deny this, while still praising the fall of the Berlin Wall…it really makes no sense, but that’s common for anti-communists, to make little or no sense).

With the Fall of the Wall came a new style of anti-communist propaganda. A step away from the Cold War-era “WE MUST DEFEAT THE EVIL BABY-EATING COMMIES”, the new style of bashing communism was to repeatedly shout about its “defeat”. Over and over and over again. And it hasn’t stopped. In fact, in the past few years, the rigor of the anti-communist propagandists have upped their aggression. Even non-communists are called “despicable Marxists”, just like they were during the Red Scare. Anyone from Obama(who is purely neoliberal) to Putin(a wannabe imperialist) have been called “communists”.

Anything even slightly left of center(in the eyes of the far-right) is now labelled as “socialistic”, from Obama’s corporate bail-outs to the Pope’s shallow, meaningless rhetoric. Just like in the days of McCarthy, the anti-communists are pointing fingers in every direction.

But why? If Communism was “defeated” over two decades ago, why the fuck are these people still so afraid of it? If Communists are no longer a threat to the dictatorship of capital, why are the anti-communists so paranoid? Why are witch-hunts still being conducted against Marxist organizations(like the FBI raid of the FRSO anti-war headquarters that happened just a couple of years ago)?

My question to the anti-communists is: why are you so intent on beating a horse you claim has already been “dead” for decades? Or have you just been in denial, or bullshitting us, for 24 years?

Bullshitting. They’ve definitely been bullshitting.

If Communism and the Communist movement was “dead”, “defeated”, “a failure”, there would be no anti-communists left. But there are. There are plenty of them, and they’re getting more terrified and fearfully-illogical every minute, it seems.

This is because the Red Tide is growing, and fast. More and more people are becoming disillusioned with the simplistic game of “liberal vs conservative”(both words just mean “capitalist”, by the way). Some of the more ignorant people think Libertarianism is the “way out”, not realizing that Libertarianism is nothing more than infantile conservatism – the current system in its early stages. But many more see the flaws in that path. They are coming to realize that the root of all of this SHIT that the world is going through is capitalism. It is all caused by the vast dictatorship of capital. The people are realizing this, and the anti-communists are scared shitless. Their vehement paranoia is proof of this.

While mainstream media only covers, as always, the theatrical play of “liberal vs conservative”, they ignore the swelling ocean of Red all around them. They won’t even pay attention to the CPUSA, much less the actual Marxist parties and organizations. But the rabid anti-communism is still present. Maybe misguided, but it’s there.

What they won’t admit to noticing are the big things happening in the true Marxist-Leninist Parties. The unity being shown between them: the American Party of Labor working with the Workers’ World Party in Chicago. The APL also working with the Party of Communists, USA, in Tennessee to combat anti-choice/anti-woman legislation(something I am proud to be a part of), the APL work in Florida, and the APL working with the Black Autonomy Federation in Memphis(can you tell I’m a fan of the APL?).

Big things are happening, and, as I’ve said, the anti-communists, the capitalists, the reactionaries, are scared out of their wits.

I recall, with much laughter, being told, over and over again, by anti-communist acquaintances that my ideology was “stupid” or “proven wrong”. If that’s true, you and all the television pundits would have shut up about it twenty years ago. But you haven’t. We still scare you. You’re waiting, afraid,for and of the coming Red Tide.

Well, it’s rising, whether you like it or not. Buckle up.


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