What It All Means

darren wilson

Last night, in the late evening, the grand jury in the Michael Brown case decided to let the racist, killer cop walk free. Across the country, cities erupted in a righteous fury. The jury’s decision clearly did not reflect the feelings of the American people. Today, as I write this, the fury continues. In my city there was a peaceful demonstration that consisted of nearly 200 people – it was the biggest turn-out I’ve ever seen here.

It is abundantly clear that awareness is growing, as is class consciousness. For these nation-wide demonstrations do not exclusively call out systemized racism and state-condoned brutality(though, obviously, this is the main issue). But the issues of labor rights and sexism are also being brought to the table. The people now see how all of it is tied together, how the capitalist class, specifically, is failing us. The delusion of the bourgeoisie and its state caring about us is being ripped apart by the masses, who refuse to keep falling for such bullshit. That is, people are seeing that “fixing” a system that was never meant to work for us in the first place goes nowhere.

But does that mean, as so many wishful people are saying, that revolution is just around the corner?

My guess is: No, it’s not. History has proven that disorganized, spontaneous revolts never lead to socialist revolution. There was no revolution during the Occupy craze. No revolution during the Rodney King riots. Dissatisfaction with the system is simply not enough to lead the masses to a true and lasting rebellion. Despite the beauty I see in all of these demonstrations, there is also a lot of liberalism and idealism. Some protesters are themselves condemning the violence of the people(as if all of this wasn’t started by police murder, fingers are being pointed at the people while the killer roams freely). The demo in my city was strictly and authoritatively peaceful. There can be no revolution when so many of those revolting want the economy and state to be protected from what is being portrayed as “barbaric hordes”. Revolution is the most violent act there is. Without violence, there is no revolution.

Even still, the violence occurring is incredibly lacking in organization and centralized targets. It is a cry of anger, not a people’s war. It cannot truly become a people’s war, history teaches us, without a revolutionary vanguard at the helm. As it stands, there is no revolutionary vanguard to organize the people, even though there should be.

This speaks volumes about the awful weight of revisionism. There has been no lack of “communist” parties, just a lack of hardline, practical theory. Revisionism has stagnated the biggest parties, has made it impossible for these parties to place themselves at the helm of anything, much less a highly-organized revolution. The revisionist parties are proving themselves to be nothing more than the “left-of-center” wing of the Democratic Party.

Does this mean all of this is for nothing? No, that isn’t what I’m saying at all. It is very important that revolutionary communists take part in all of this. It is very important that the people see for themselves the hard work and dedication we have for their causes. That we are loyal to them against the racist, murderous bourgeoisie. That we carry their own banner into their own disputes. That we share their outrage.

The revolution itself may not have come yet, but it is, indeed, a beautiful thing to see so much solidarity among the people. And there is no lack of revolutionary activity to be done in all of this. This is a chance for us to show our solidarity and loyalty to the people. To create bonds that will last into the future, for when our time finally comes. Class consciousness is on the rise, we must now work to organize it into something that can actually overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The vanguard must form at the frontlines of the masses.

It isn’t right now, this instant, but it can come in our lifetime, if we remain true to the revolutionary theories of Marxism-Leninism and form a solid, die-hard vanguard of true, dedicated revolutionaries.


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