Stereotypical Racists

In the coverage of the riots and protests following the Ferguson decision, the media has been doing its job very well. That is, the bourgeois media is taking all the blame away from the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois state and is placing it squarely on the shoulders of the people. It is trying to make it seem as though centuries of unapologetic racism and a failed court system are nothing in comparison to the “savagery” of the masses. The bourgeois media is setting the code of morality and social conduct: racist cops have a “right” to kill and walk free, the people have no right to be angry, they need to sit down and take it. The bourgeois state should be allowed to lose its temper and use deadly force without consequence, but Capital forbid the people themselves take up any form of disruptive action.

And, of course, when the bourgeois media starts ridiculing the people so as to distract the viewer from the problem of systemized racism, the racists will hop right on the wagon. The bourgeois media effectively, by this fucked up society’s standards, gives a form of “legitimacy” to the foamy-mouthed bigots. And not only is it the outright, blatant racists, but the supposedly “left-leaning” liberals as well who are taking up the condemnations against the outraged people. Over these past few days, the majority of the rhetoric has centered around, not the complete lack of justice in a racist bourgeois society, but the “barbaric” actions of the people who were screwed over. Everything from the wide use of racist slurs to “Well, I do think the court failed, but the people really should stop acting like this”, has been said, and each hundreds of times. Both condemnations are saying basically the same thing, though: “The bourgeois state can get away with murder, but the very people being targeted in these murders should sit down, shut up, and know their place. If they don’t, the bourgeois state has the right to keep using lethal force on you animals!”

In other words, both “sides” of the liberal-bourgeois stance are pointing their fingers at the people rather than sympathizing with and understanding why the fuck the people are so angry. Both “sides” are reinforcing the fact that the bourgeois state is not meant to work for the people, and both “sides” are holding this oppressive fact as if it is some kind of moral “high ground”. As if saying the bourgeois state can murder, but it’s “wrong” for the people to break windows, is the truly “democratic” thing to do. These are the same people who say the court system works for the American masses, and they’re now suddenly claiming the court system, for some reason, “shouldn’t have to” owe the people anything. If you aren’t going to outright admit that you want to live in a xenophobic, fascist dictatorship, then at least admit that you think the elite deserve more of a voice than the masses.

Ever since the grand jury failed to grant the people justice in the Ferguson decision, ever since the bourgeois media has started exclusively targeting  the people, the absolute worst characteristics of the racist, capitalist sympathizers has come to the fore, and, thanks to the bourgeois media, these assholes appear to have some form of “credibility”. Many shitheads have been saying things that sound like they belong in the Jim Crow era of lynchings and segregation. Even some self-proclaimed “progressives”(of course, of the strictly bourgeois type) are saying abhorrent things.

Suddenly, it’s “okay” to say things like “Those looters are really proving the ghetto stereotype right”, or “The uppity thugs are at it again!” Let’s be honest, we all know what word is actually going through your head when you say “looter” or “thug”. Stop beating around the bush and put on your white hood already. If you’re more mad about people “acting ghetto” than about the fact that there are fucking ghettos in the year 2014, then it is clear to the rest of us that your priorities are not really in the right place. What I’m saying is, when you say and do stupid shit like that, you are proving yourself to be the absolute last person to have a say in what is and what isn’t racist, much less what is or what isn’t oppressive. Because you’re a racist who, secretly or not-so-secretly, just loves oppression.

The ethics being pushed right now by the bourgeoisie and reactionaries in general pretty much sum up the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie: The people have no right to question or grow angry with the court system, but the pigs and racists can slander, ridicule, attack, and murder, all day, every day. A cop working for the bourgeois state can shoot and kill a teenager with impunity, but the angry people(who this court system claims to “protect”) should never dare to wound a cop or – GASP – break a window at some chain restaurant.

The only stereotypes being proven 100% correct are the stereotypical racists. You’re all acting exactly how you’ve acted for centuries – you blame the victims of oppression, you uphold some kind of biased idea of what it is to be “civilized”, you see yourself as a protector of a tradition you claim is “noble”. And, of course, as racists always do, you act with total arrogance and elitism in your aggressive slanders of the oppressed. Saying the people are “wrong” in “proving the ghetto stereotype” means that: 1) You had a “ghetto stereotype” in mind already, and, therefore, you are a racist, and 2) You believe the oppressed should act nice towards the oppressor, but the oppressor should suffer no consequence, no matter how they treat the oppressed. Yeah, you’re a stereotypical racist fuck. No getting around that, no matter how many times you start a sentence with “I’m not racist, but…”

And do you know what that means? What your blatantly racist words and actions mean? That all of this, the murder of Michael Brown, the non-indictment of the Klan-connected murderer, the bourgeois media calling for the prosecution of rioters while the murderer is free, your defense of the racist status quo – it all proves that its source truly is systemized racism. It proves that racism is the root of the issue at hand. Which means, the whole “it wasn’t about race” defense of Darren Wilson is a sham. You are all acting like card-carrying members of the KKK. Why the fuck do you think we would listen to your arguments in defense of Wilson when, at the same time, you’re spouting off incredibly racist shit? You talking about “ghetto stereotypes” does nothing but support the facts of racism being ingrained into society, and, therefore, it supports the argument that Darren Wilson is, in fact, a racist shithead, just like you fuckers who are defending him.

There is so much bullshit flying around right now, people whining left and right about the protesters “pulling the race card” while they themselves make degrading comments about other races. The “race card” wasn’t pulled when the people stood up, it was pulled when the racist cop decided to kill an unarmed, black teenager. In any case, your assumption that only black people are acting violent is itself a very racist assumption. So, even without the shitty memes about “ghetto people” and “thugs”, your very view is profoundly racist. There were people of every race being boxed in by the cops in the protest in my city. There are angry people of every race standing up right now. It is the people who are speaking out and rising up, not just a single group, even if a single group would fit nicer into your biased, bigoted view of the world. But your ignorance doesn’t make material facts any less real.

As I am typing this, all the loaded suburban consumers are gearing up to trample one another at Black Friday sales. The bourgeoisie has its own kinds of riots, sanctioned and encouraged. You see, no one is going to post anything racially offensive about the hordes of people violently purchasing, because the bourgeoisie has no problems with taking your money. And if the bourgeoisie has no problem with it, the racist reactionaries sure don’t. The only “bad” riots are those that occur when the people are demanding justice, but it’s “good” to be disruptive if you’re buying things. Demanding justice only “proves ghetto stereotypes”, whatever that means. While acting like barbarians at Best Buy is just “getting into the spirit”.

The ideas of any society are always the ideas of the ruling class. So stop feeling “rebellious” when you’re slandering the people actually doing stuff. All you’re doing is reasserting the status quo. You are not moving against anything, but taking the simple path of going with the grain. Which means you aren’t actually doing anything. Stop pretending you are.


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