Are All Cops Bad?

Can you spot the "good cop"?...Me neither.

Can you spot the “good cop”?…Me neither.

One would have to be living under a fucking massive rock to not know about the anti-cop/anti-racist protests sweeping the US right now. Sparked by the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the Klan-protected cop who shot and killed unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, the people have only become more enraged in the past week, and for very good reason. Not only is Wilson walking free(and, thanks to the KKK and other racists, pretty damn wealthy), but so is the pig who murdered a sleeping seven-year-old black girl, and, as of today, so is the cop who choked Eric Garner(another unarmed black male) to death in NYC. Even with the people so obviously disappointed and angry at the failed court system, the bourgeois racist government has the audacity to continue carrying out blatant injustices without a second thought.

And, astonishingly, there are still the unapologetic reactionaries who think the protesters and the people are the “dangerous” ones. Even while the cops continue to kill and get away with it, the ignorant fucks who can’t take their eyes off of corporate media(and take the media’s word as gospel) are still refusing to acknowledge the source of violence and keep pointing their fingers at the people. Who the fuck is the state supposed to protect, if not the people? The answer the reactionaries are giving seems to be: Itself, the state only needs to protect itself and the class that controls it. This is only a step away from the reactionaries outright saying they want to live under an unaccountable fascist police state. But they are correct in one thing – that the cops are only meant to protect themselves and the oppressor class. The problem is, they seem to relish that fact, to think it’s the “right way to go”.

A popular argument used by the pig-apologists is that “some cops are nice”, claiming that the people are being “unfair” by making “blanket statements” regarding the police force. My reply to this is: Oh, boo fucking hoo, those helpless, misunderstood police officers have hurt feelings while they wear full body-armor and carry around assault rifles, beating protesters into submission and killing with impunity. What sad little victims they are.

Seriously, the cops don’t need you sticking up for them – the whole fucking court system already does that. What these apologists are saying is either one of two things: 1) They don’t see the system as being racist or oppressive at all, which means they’re ignorant as fuck; 2) They think the system is acting as a government should, which means they’re pretty much fascists who would fit nicely into the “it’s all for the best” mentality of Nazi Germany. Either way, they’re delusional if they think their shallow calls for “playing nice” with the system that seeks to destroy us will reach anyone other than their fellow lovers of oppression.

The bourgeois state exists solely for the purpose of protecting the bourgeoisie and its class interests. Therefore, the police force is one of the primary tools used to carry out this purpose by forcing the people into submission and fear. The police force does not work for you or me, but for the interests of an unproductive, parasitic elite. Your cop dad playing catch with you as a kid doesn’t change the fact that he worked for the oppressor. A person who puts on riot gear and blasts tear gas at the people is not a nice person, even if he is just “following orders”(I recall that excuse being used by some officers during the Nuremberg trials….hmmm….).

Using idealistic, bourgeois individualism is pointless. I’m sure some officers of the SS were friendly to their families and neighbors. That doesn’t mean the system they were working for was any less oppressive. It didn’t mean that then, it doesn’t mean that now. They signed on as a tool for bourgeois violence. Having a polite demeanor doesn’t change that fact. The whole “not all cops are bad!” thing is profoundly unscientific and does not address any of the larger issues. It’s petty individualism with a dash of emotional manipulation. It is an attempt to pass the blame from the murderous institution onto the people themselves.

To put it frankly, the people who are said to be “good cops”, who remain on the force while fighting the people, are not good in the least. And those who actually are “good” wouldn’t do half of the shit cops do, and therefore, wouldn’t be cops for very long.

Those of you who have said little to nothing about the obvious injustices going on, and yet feel it necessary to defend the police force, which is the institution carrying out these injustices, really need to get your priorities straight if you want to be taken seriously, if you want to be seen as logical and caring. Otherwise, you just sound like the folks who defended the “good cops” while they were water-hosing civil rights activists or shooting students at anti-war rallies back in the day. That is, you sound like those who were proven undoubtedly wrong decades ago.

Good job. Good job at taking the time to defend those armored, gun-wielding murderers who are already protected by the entire state apparatus. Good job at voicing your opinion that the people should be “nicer” to those who are killing us daily. Good job at standing up against “mean words” and not against systemized racism and brutality. Good job at letting the rest of us know that you are on the side of the oppressors against the oppressed. You’ve made it easier for us to label you as an enemy of the masses.

The fact is, none of this can or should be judged based on individuals within the greater institution of murder, racism, sexual assault, extortion, and general oppression and exploitation. If a “nice person” signs up to join this institution, they are no longer a “kind individual”, but a pawn in an unapologetic system of greed, violence, and harassment.

Your pathetic calls for the people to stop making “blanket statements” will go unheard. Your precious police force seems to have no qualms with “blanket statementing” entire races of people(and then killing them). Why the fuck should we do anything other than return the favor? Why should we be the ones expected to “keep calm” while your buddies in blue are beating and killing us every single day?

I will not apologize for saying mean things about the pigs, while the pigs are murdering and walking free. Anyone who hasn’t yet left or turned on the police force during this flood of death and injustice is not someone deserving of any form of respect. It is someone who willingly remains as a tool of the blatant oppression being seen across the country. Take off the badge, or suffer the people’s wrath.


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