“One of the greatest merits of Marxism is that it saw in the proletariat not just an oppressed and exploited class, but the most progressive and revolutionary class of the time, the class which history had charged with the mission of the gravedigger of capitalism. Marx and Engels explained that this mission stems from the socio-economic conditions themselves, from the place which the proletariat occupies and the role which it plays in the process of production and socio-political life, from the fact that it is the bearer of the new relations of the future socialist society, that it has its own scientific ideology which illuminates its way has its own leading staff – the communist party.” -Enver Hoxha

This is a blog by an anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist. I am not a scholar. I am or have been a janitor, a fast-food worker, a warehouse employee, a factory worker, a literal scooper of dog shit. I came across political theory due to my passion to learn. I became a Marxist-Leninist, after years of independent study, due to my love and respect for humanity and the scientific logic of the dialectical method and materialist outlook. These are the ramblings of a working-class revolutionary.

My family was originally petit-bourgeois, but that ended by my teenage years. I’ve grown and lived, ever since, surrounded by the alienation of the capitalist system and as a cog in the capitalist system. I want a change, a real change. I oppose reformism as a be-all end-all strategy, instead understanding the necessity of proletarian revolution to overthrow the economic, social, cultural, and political power of the bourgeois capitalist oppressors.

I am, by no means, an official spokesperson for any of the organizations I support or sympathize with. I am not responsible for those who spread my writings or claim to share my views. I am not a leader of any organization and this blog is not an organ of any party. It is purely my own rants, what’s on my mind, and my sharing of pieces I find informative.




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